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Who is Kiwi?

It is known that only a a small group of animals can produce a perfect imitation of human speech. While some talking birds can remember hundreds of words, Kiwi is not just a talkative parrot. Kiwi is designed to be your friendly productivity assistant.

Our platform provides a voice-first interactive interface that extends your daily routines and practices your cognitive flexibility. We aim to utilize new technologies and leverage content in a personalized and curated manner to optimize the way people manage their spare time.


Our projects

We believe work and play are equal sources of enjoyment

my city

Our Alexa skill is designed to offer personalized and curated tips to the best attractions and entertainment experiences in your city. No more wasting time researching different channels to discover the perfect things to do. From new restaurants and coffee shops to exhibitions, plays and places to wander about, 'my city' helps you discover and organize your next escape.

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